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Recruiting Teachers: What Schools in Europe look for in your CV

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The most important thing in your Teacher CV

Experience is what a recruiter will first look for when taking on a new teacher. Nobody really wants to send an untried teacher into the classroom. If they have no visible history of you having already successfully completed previous roles, employers are going to be wary about giving you an opportunity, especially if the person, or people, you are going up against do have some prior experience.

What if I have no experience?

This is not to say that all is lost. Every qualified teacher has some amount of classroom time under their belt thanks to the nature of the TESL training course. It isn’t a lot of time, but it is something, and it is this point that is perhaps most pertinent to keep in mind when writing up your CV. If you want to describe the things you have done in their most basic terms, you will struggle to produce an eye-catching CV. If, however, you are able to flower up and add some spice into your descriptions of previous roles and experiences, you will have a good chance of grabbing the interest of a potential employer.

Don’t lie, you will always be caught out somewhere along the line, and it’s just not a good place to start a relationship from.

Do exaggerate. Be careful, it is easy when faced with this advice to cross the thin-line into lies. It is not necessary, all you need to do here is to add a touch of creativity and sparkle to your words.

How can I make my CV more engaging?

Think about what you have done and the ways in which that can be spun into something engaging and interesting to the person who reads it. You did four supervised teaching sessions as part of your teacher training. In itself this is not engaging information, and some people will not even put it down as experience. Think about. Who were your students? What was the context? Don’t be afraid to give your own opinion as to how successful this type of experience was, both for you and the students.

Another option that you may want to consider is to engage with a Pro CV writing service who can offer a range of services to help you prepare not only your CV but LinkedIn profile and cover letters. The more you can sound like a teaching professional in your writing, the more you will be treated like a professional in your teaching.

However, when you have very little to work with, you need to draw as much out of what you do have as possible. Think about how other aspects of your education and life experiences can be seen from a different perspective now you are looking to become a teacher. Maybe you used to babysit. Perhaps you have first-hand experience of language learning through your own studies of a foreign language. Go back through your own time-line and reassess everything that you have done. You have become a teacher for a reason. It may not seems obvious at first but there will be instances from your past that have shaped your journey up until this point and which you can touch on now.

Really put yourself into your CV

If you think in detail like this when preparing your CV you are forcing yourself to engage with exactly what it is that you are doing. This will come across when read by another person. If you don’t put this effort into your CV, nobody will care to put any effort into reading it because you have not really asked them to.

As a teacher it can be hard to stand out so another option that is worth serious consideration is investing in a professional CV writing service like CV Made Better. If you think about the money or opportunities you gain from a new job it’s probably worth spending some money to present the best possible version of yourself.

For those with experience, the CV still needs to be approached in the same way. List your experiences but don’t fall into the complacent trap of feeling that will simply to get you in the door. You need to apply the same level of detail to your CV as those who don’t have experience. Employers are looking for fresh, exuberant individuals, not jaded, old-timers.

Make your CV sing. Think about what was the best for you about the experiences you have had and put that down on the paper. In many cases this is your first and only chance to tell an employer who you really are. If you can somehow leave your passion for your past experiences on the page, rather than just writing them out as a list, you will be much more likely to be taken on by a new employer.

Your CV is a picture of you. Make it pretty. Show them that you are passionate and that you care. The majority of people going up against you will not bother to do this. If you take the time to do so, you will stand out and be halfway there to getting that job you have shown them you really want.


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