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What it is like to teach in the UK

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This is part 2 of an interview that I had with a woman who has worked as a contract teacher in London, UK and as an MBA professor in France. Covered below are her responses, which represent 6 insights into what it’s really like to work as a teacher in London.

What is it like to work as a teacher in London

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How much do teachers make in London? What is the pay or salary like?

My experience is that teaching in the UK as a contract lecturer offers less pay than if you work as a teacher in other parts of Europe. This is because simply the economics of teachers available: supply outstrips demand. There is also a culture of paying contract teachers late in many private institutions, so be wary of those you choose to work for.

What should teachers do to get hired in the UK?

In a word, differentiate. The statistics in the current economic climate are tough not only for those of us educating. Associated Press reports that “in a weak job market, one in two of our University graduates is currently jobless or underemployed”. Therefore, as a visiting professor in London, providing students with opportunities to develop corporate skills is critical to addressing the challenge of them securing relevant corporate experience prior to their graduation. This can help you show where your class provides a competitive advantage to the attractiveness of their university to prospective students.

Are there other skills that they look for when hiring experienced teachers in London?

In my experience, academic programs in London in the ranked Universities typically consist of students of more than 40 nationalities. Demonstrating your experience in working with diversity is critical and adapting your learning program to differing cultures, languages and ages will contribute to a lost or won learning opportunity for the student.

How are the students in London?

One should be particularly mindful that it is highly common in certain countries and cultures to wear the “Teacher” down by complaining about the given academic grade. I would highly recommend ensuring that your grades are aligned strictly to your University’s protocols and any subjectivity is clearly explained in the Comments offered. I know of some UK teachers who share feedback and comments throughout semester, but only share the final grade until after the end of the academic program.

Do you get paid for elearning classes or class recordings?

There is currently a highly contentious issue in the UK today with e-Learning. As a contract academic we are paid by the hour. Many Universities are seeking to record the programs so it can be offered to eLearning students. Whilst naturally as Academics we are keen to grow the program beyond traditional “location” based studies, it is very important that we are paid for this work.

The issue is that for many Academic programs, they are not offering Lecturers any reimbursement for these paid recordings. The minimum expectation from my fellow professors is that if we are not paid an hourly paid rate, like a publisher would pay an author, a royalty or a specific fixed rate for each time the class is shared would be seen as fair and reasonable. This is still a hotly debated topic and I know of many colleagues in London who refuse to be involved in eLearning until the debate is finalized and teachers get compensated.

What sites do you recommend for finding a teacher job in the UK?

To secure your next Academic teaching opportunity in the UK, outside of the target Universities websites and your Academic Alumni, I would recommend setting up an account with www.jobs.ac.uk. Jobs from all around the world are posted here and the alert service works particularly well.  And of course, if you want to work as a professor in the UK  then you can also use this site, TeacherHit.com jobs in London.

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